Peterix: October
Peterix: My hands open the curtains of your being
Peterix: Let go, there's beauty in the breakdown
Peterix: Saturn dreaming of Mercury
Peterix: Hold me, unfold me, say all the things you never told me
Peterix: Empty lake, empty streets, the sun goes down alone
Peterix: After the rain, the tears are visible again
Peterix: The big hunger
Peterix: The unforgettable fire
Peterix: Hiding in the light
Peterix: Another gravity
Peterix: Throes of perdition
Peterix: The day truth and light died
Peterix: A bundle of flaws
Peterix: Violated
Peterix: Contrasts
Peterix: Twisted
Peterix: Ephemeral
Peterix: If you don't know me by now
Peterix: What I do in the shadows
Peterix: We used to be so close
Peterix: A gentle hum
Peterix: Sentient Shadows
Peterix: String-theory
Peterix: Remember me the way I was
Peterix: Lay me down slowly
Peterix: It was never about the things I lost
Peterix: Cold Amber
Peterix: When the darkness comes
Peterix: Remains