andrea_perego: A coffee in the shade
andrea_perego: Le vieux pissoir
andrea_perego: Time to light the fire
andrea_perego: Autumn Red
andrea_perego: Past, Present and Future
andrea_perego: Anagrafico 897
andrea_perego: The Fire and the Diary
andrea_perego: Feeling Metropolis
andrea_perego: Don't open that door!
andrea_perego: Plunging into a painting
andrea_perego: The Silence and The Stone
andrea_perego: Autumn is fun!
andrea_perego: The Secret
andrea_perego: With Love
andrea_perego: The Bike Lane
andrea_perego: The Couch and a Book
andrea_perego: The smell of old books
andrea_perego: Late Afternoon
andrea_perego: Il nuovo romanzo
andrea_perego: A dark espresso, please.
andrea_perego: Author Photo
andrea_perego: Herakles
andrea_perego: An Italian Summer
andrea_perego: ...Where was Jane Austen staying?
andrea_perego: Summer – Mother and Child
andrea_perego: En Voyage!
andrea_perego: The world belongs to whom enjoys it
andrea_perego: Listen to the silence