Peraion: The Laundry Worker, Mumbai, India
Peraion: Pagodas, Myanmar
Peraion: Fishing on the Inle Lake in Myanmar,
Peraion: Fisherman on the Inle Lake, Myanmar
Peraion: On the train in Myanmar....
Peraion: It is getting dark in the fields of Myanmar
Peraion: Evening among the temples at Bagan in Myanmar
Peraion: Pagodas in Myanmar
Peraion: Pagoda on Mount Popa, Myanmar
Peraion: U Bein teak bridge on the Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura in Myanmar. Oct 2017
Peraion: Taungthaman Lake at sunset, Amarapura, Myanmar
Peraion: Young monk, Myanmar
Peraion: Young Buddhist monks in Myanmar
Peraion: Burmese young man sporting the traditional Thanaka powder
Peraion: Young Burmese woman with traditional cosmetic powder called Thanaka
Peraion: Golden Rock at sunset, Myanmar
Peraion: Golden Rock, Myanmar
Peraion: Incense trail. (Myanmar)
Peraion: Night falling over Myanmar
Peraion: Wonders of nature, Myanmar
Peraion: Hpa-An, Lumbini Park Buddha Statues, Myanmar
Peraion: Hpa-An, Lumbini Park Buddha Statues, Myanmar
Peraion: Life goes by
Peraion: Last rays over the the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka
Peraion: Sunset on Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka
Peraion: Watching the sun setting over the Ocean at Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka
Peraion: Old and new architecture in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Peraion: Sri Lankan Central Highlands region
Peraion: Sri Lanka in bloom!
Peraion: Nature's shapes