royd63uk: Coot
royd63uk: Mallard
royd63uk: Black Headed Gull taking off
royd63uk: Great Crested Grebe
royd63uk: Wasp on Fennel flowers
royd63uk: Swallow, taken over the etuary
royd63uk: Cardiff bay
royd63uk: Cardiff Bay, Wales, UK
royd63uk: Boating on the river Avon, Stratford, UK
royd63uk: River Avon, at Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire
royd63uk: A Tranquil Spot
royd63uk: Fishing at Llwyn-on Reservoir, Wales
royd63uk: Lapwing
royd63uk: Llangorse Lake, Wales UK
royd63uk: On watch..Greylag Geese
royd63uk: Leaf Cutter Bee
royd63uk: "i'm taller than you"..."no you aren't"
royd63uk: Those magnificent men...
royd63uk: Wing Walker,
royd63uk: Inca Tern
royd63uk: Watermouth Bay, Ilfracombe
royd63uk: Loop to the clouds, Bi Plane
royd63uk: Ilfracombe UK
royd63uk: Cardiff Bay, Wales UK
royd63uk: About to land Tree Bumble bee
royd63uk: Bombus Hypnorum, Tree Bumble Bee
royd63uk: Ship passing the headland, Baggy Point Uk
royd63uk: Herring Gull over the sea
royd63uk: Black Headed Gull
royd63uk: Magpie at the feeder