(MatthewOsbornePhotography): Voigtlander Bessa L 28mm
Alice Korotaeva: Local barbershop
ddrblue2: DSC04618
iLoveLilyD: Risa Hoshi
ddrblue2: DSC08475
ddrblue2: DSC11768
ddrblue2: DSC12641
ddrblue2: DSC08765
guen-k: Dreamy DANCHI
lsmart: Paula and the town
lsmart: Paula and her town
lsmart: Coffee Time
pyrospawn: Ashley (NYC2)
euyoung: Batis 85mm Review | 07
lsmart: Another rainy day
ddrblue2: DSC01697
ddrblue2: DSC00839
Istvan Penzes: Sunday noon
ddrblue2: DSC09892
Istvan Penzes: Sunday noon happiness
lsmart: At the old house
songallery: the Jeep
lsmart: Ana
Istvan Penzes: M2 on the sidetable ...