Paulemans: Drain
Paulemans: Rain water
Paulemans: Stacked Stones
Paulemans: Guidance for the Blind
Paulemans: Seating and Stearing
Paulemans: Armrest
Paulemans: Hydrant
Paulemans: Separation
Paulemans: Handrail in the Rain
Paulemans: Snaking Green
Paulemans: Chestnut in Autumn Colours
Paulemans: Pretty in Pink
Paulemans: Take me to the Bridge
Paulemans: Impression of a Mushroom
Paulemans: Trio
Paulemans: Showing Gills
Paulemans: One Down
Paulemans: Virginia Creeper in Autumn Colours
Paulemans: Het Limburgse Land
Paulemans: Basilica of the Holy Sacrement, Meerssen
Paulemans: Fountain with statue of Mooswief, Charles Vos, 1954.
Paulemans: Two Visitors
Paulemans: Basilica of the Holy Sacrament, Meerssen.
Paulemans: Molen van Otten, Wijlre
Paulemans: The Three Faces of the Limburger
Paulemans: Incipient Toadstool
Paulemans: Toadstools Big and Small
Paulemans: Toadstools
Paulemans: Find the Gnome
Paulemans: Toadstools