paul.barden: Arton Zinnias
paul.barden: Blackwater No. 2
paul.barden: Blackwater (Take Me With You)
paul.barden: Rorshach Beach
paul.barden: A Polite Photograph of the Quince
paul.barden: DownToTheWoods 2
paul.barden: St.Johns.revisited, 2021
paul.barden: October18: the north woods
paul.barden: Just a view of the river.
paul.barden: October16-B
paul.barden: October 15th (hanging on to the last leaf)
paul.barden: BLC. Iroquois Trail ‘Midfarm’ FCC/AOS
paul.barden: Color Ektar Printing lens test
paul.barden: The Last Zinnias (Bessie watches from Above)
paul.barden: Passiflora, alt.
paul.barden: Passiflora 8x10
paul.barden: Charles de Mills, Gallica
paul.barden: The Last One
paul.barden: Black Apple and two Acorns
paul.barden: Welcome to The Machine, alternate version.
paul.barden: Welcome to The Machine (Tropicana)
paul.barden: The Center Cannot Hold (Anxiety)
paul.barden: 2021 River Study No. 25
paul.barden: Penultimate (alt)
paul.barden: The Penultimate
paul.barden: 766317.IIC.test03a.jpg
paul.barden: 766317 IIC test03
paul.barden: 766317 IIC test02
paul.barden: 766317 IIC
paul.barden: 766317.IIC-5.jpg