ⓅatrickⓃeff: the journey is the destination
ⓅatrickⓃeff: leaf chaos
ⓅatrickⓃeff: absolute peace
ⓅatrickⓃeff: tiny house
ⓅatrickⓃeff: in the morning
ⓅatrickⓃeff: on the pasture
ⓅatrickⓃeff: here comes the Sun
ⓅatrickⓃeff: attentive
ⓅatrickⓃeff: past the chapel
ⓅatrickⓃeff: Silence in the evening
ⓅatrickⓃeff: morning idyll
ⓅatrickⓃeff: the fishing village
ⓅatrickⓃeff: Playa del Silencio
ⓅatrickⓃeff: ...the lighthouse over there
ⓅatrickⓃeff: the modern lighthouse
ⓅatrickⓃeff: in the center
ⓅatrickⓃeff: mirror pond
ⓅatrickⓃeff: pollen bath
ⓅatrickⓃeff: the day ends
ⓅatrickⓃeff: calm before the storm
ⓅatrickⓃeff: Martinstor
ⓅatrickⓃeff: before the storm comes
ⓅatrickⓃeff: fawn loves the flower
ⓅatrickⓃeff: my mother!
ⓅatrickⓃeff: the coot