patrick_milan: Beach in september
patrick_milan: Reflection - Brest
patrick_milan: Glasses
patrick_milan: Girl on phone
patrick_milan: Colors on the sea
patrick_milan: Brest harbour
patrick_milan: The sea, always the sea, but in yellow jersey
patrick_milan: In the street
patrick_milan: Yellow chair
patrick_milan: Colored intimity
patrick_milan: Le Clair Voyant
patrick_milan: Black reflection
patrick_milan: Girl and dog
patrick_milan: Beach in september
patrick_milan: Need new paint ?
patrick_milan: Ice cream day
patrick_milan: Tatoo girl
patrick_milan: Under the hull of a fishing boat
patrick_milan: Tattooist
patrick_milan: Brush broom
patrick_milan: Waffle story - Histoire de gauffre
patrick_milan: Dog house
patrick_milan: Woman and dog portrait
patrick_milan: Shoot !!!!
patrick_milan: Etoile du Marin - Portsall - Star of the sailor
patrick_milan: Stainess stell