~Jeannine~: Summer Needs Help
~Jeannine~: Summer at 7 months
~Jeannine~: Dahlias of Summer
~Jeannine~: Yellow Coreopsis
~Jeannine~: Two Dachshunds
~Jeannine~: Happy Halloween!
~Jeannine~: Summer (Growing!)
~Jeannine~: Cosmos on a Windy Day, Textured
~Jeannine~: At Home
~Jeannine~: Princess Buttercup
~Jeannine~: 10 Weeks Old
~Jeannine~: Cornflower in the Wind
~Jeannine~: Textured Cosmos
~Jeannine~: Welcome Summer (and her toys...)
~Jeannine~: Help! Puppy With No Name
~Jeannine~: Red Sails Textured
~Jeannine~: Golden Textured Forget-Me-Nots
~Jeannine~: Multi-textured Hydrangea
~Jeannine~: Salvia in Sunlight
~Jeannine~: Textured Lavender Clematis
~Jeannine~: Cosmos Textured
~Jeannine~: Princess Maya
~Jeannine~: Textured Cosmos
~Jeannine~: Hyacinth Blossom
~Jeannine~: Sunny Yellow Zinnia
~Jeannine~: Zinnia Textured
~Jeannine~: Textured Pink Veronica
~Jeannine~: Happy Mother's Day!
~Jeannine~: Baby Salvia
~Jeannine~: Rose on Linen