oybay©: Zephyr on Aurora
oybay©: Bobcat (No Relations)
oybay©: Fireworks
oybay©: Passover
oybay©: Red Alert
oybay©: Partial Eclipse
oybay©: Partial Eclipse
oybay©: When They Hand You Check in a Restaurant
oybay©: Cactus Flower Droplets
oybay©: Hard Rain Gonna Fall
oybay©: Mooneyes
oybay©: Messerschmidt Happy Face Now Arriving
oybay©: Munsters Koach, Two Batmobiles, Slightly Used and a BatCycle
oybay©: Get Your Red Hots!
oybay©: Christine
oybay©: Stardust Memories
oybay©: Warmth of the Sun
oybay©: Trabant Bridge, Fallbrook California
oybay©: For Sale By Owner
oybay©: It's a Goat My Lord in Flatbed Ford Slowin' Down Take a Look at Me
oybay©: Clouds
oybay©: Happy Hanukkah
oybay©: Oh God
oybay©: Bird
oybay©: Red Skies at Night…
oybay©: Season Greetings
oybay©: Introducing Fifi
oybay©: Karmann Ghia
oybay©: Teddy Bear Cactus Moonlight
oybay©: Bouncing Bougainvilleas