oybay©: Purple Haze, Purple Haze
oybay©: Photo Enforced
oybay©: I Hear a Symphony
oybay©: Pretty in Pink
oybay©: Poetry in Motion
oybay©: Another Birdie on a Golf Course
oybay©: Yellow-Bellied Sap Sucker
oybay©: Wing It
oybay©: Area 51
oybay©: Vin Shield Viper
oybay©: Wouldn’tStock
oybay©: Freeway Jam
oybay©: Synergy
oybay©: Better Days
oybay©: Westworld Scottsdale, 2006
oybay©: The Phoenix That Doesn't Rise From the Ashes
oybay©: Alone Again, Naturally
oybay©: Coronado Bridge is 50!
oybay©: Buick Rorschach
oybay©: Hot August Night
oybay©: Nemo Found in Ocean Beach
oybay©: Mustang Ranch
oybay©: Entering Jerome Arizona
oybay©: Up on Lookout Mountain
oybay©: Shiksa
oybay©: Arizona Monsoon Has Arrived
oybay©: The Heat is On
oybay©: What's the Story Morning Glory?
oybay©: Photo Enforcement Zone
oybay©: Braking Bad