howard-f: graffiti and a palm.
howard-f: l.a. skyline.
howard-f: ontario sunset.
howard-f: highland theater and lines.
howard-f: chinese church.
howard-f: griffith observatory.
howard-f: mid-autumn moon.
howard-f: la flor.
howard-f: la blanquita tortilleria.
howard-f: jesus topiary.
howard-f: civic center los angeles.
howard-f: chinatown neon gate.
howard-f: the same peafowl from june...
howard-f: cape rush stalk.
howard-f: agave stalk.
howard-f: silhouette and st.peter's church.
howard-f: koreatown vibe.
howard-f: full moon chill.
howard-f: frisbee & sunset.
howard-f: beat it.
howard-f: route 66 vibe.
howard-f: hanimex micro flash 35.
howard-f: light at end of tunnel? nope.
howard-f: giant kois.
howard-f: mighty datsun 280z.
howard-f: giant bloom.
howard-f: smokey sunset from fireworks.
howard-f: mustang & sunset.
howard-f: taco truck at brouwerij west brewery.
howard-f: the original big blue bus.