Oram24: Mohawk Valley Gateway Bridge
Oram24: Mohawk Valley Gateway Bridge
Oram24: Tulip Shadows
Oram24: More than Two Tulips
Oram24: Stone Barn
Oram24: The Creators Paint Brush
Oram24: Red Barn and Reeds
Oram24: Almost Set
Oram24: Gravestones ~ Early 1800's
Oram24: Invading Reeds
Oram24: So It Begins
Oram24: Sunsets Are Proof ~ No matter what's happening, everyday can end beautifully.
Oram24: German Flatts Town Park and The Fort Herkimer Church
Oram24: Browns and Blues
Oram24: Canal Place
Oram24: Spruce Creek
Oram24: Autumn Ride
Oram24: Interior ~ Hamilton College Chapel
Oram24: Hamilton College Chapel
Oram24: Detail
Oram24: A Perfect Winter Day
Oram24: Rock Climbing -Moss Island
Oram24: Our Stately Brothers
Oram24: Amtrak
Oram24: Otsego Lake
Oram24: A Tree Along the Unadilla River
Oram24: Fernleigh Stone Arch Bridge
Oram24: Martin S. Sarafin ~ 1887
Oram24: The Stone House at Chepatchet
Oram24: The Ice Remains