omersad: Classic Turkish Duo
omersad: Grafitti Cat/Portrait
omersad: P1060315 Cloudy Sunset & Gulls
omersad: 05181 On The Way To The Airport.
omersad: IMG_20210608 Reminds Me Of Someone
omersad: Honey & Pepper (Shot For The Immune System)
omersad: P1050919 Sky On The Eve Of Lockdown
omersad: P1050837 Look-Down
omersad: Ship & Southwester
omersad: Larger Than Life
omersad: 10 Years Ago 5MP Was Almost The Ultimate.
omersad: A Casual Street Shot
omersad: 203940 Tabletop Aerial
omersad: P1050234 Single Banana 3 Lira
omersad: P1050829 Heading For The Sunset
omersad: P1050813 Sunset & Ships
omersad: P1050791 Cold Moon From My Window
omersad: DSC_0030 BAYLAN
omersad: P1050109 The Sign Says Underpass.
omersad: DSC04895 Lock- down Cat
omersad: DSC04291 A Cliche Skyline
omersad: DSC04860 Rainbow & Gull
omersad: P1050155 Chestnuts or corn?
omersad: DSC04507 Top of the Tower
omersad: P1050016 September Sunset At Moda
omersad: P1050456 Lock-Down View
omersad: DSC04533 VISIT
omersad: At the Gate
omersad: P1050586 A Hazy Day in May