Wild Pixel Safaris: King Mpakasi at Sunset!
Ashley1954: How doth the little busy bee..
AnyMotion: Networking
Elena m.d.: Hay gente así.
Irina1010: Waterways
Wild Pixel Safaris: Colourful Hovering Beauty!
Mike Atkinson Photography: Alpine Sea Holly & The Bee.
Seek Magic Everyday: Shana Tova!
Seek Magic Everyday: Flower for Shabat
Seek Magic Everyday: the back side
Seek Magic Everyday: Hydrangea. a slider :-)
hotte54: Eisvogel (Kingfisher)
chapichapo2012: Demoiselle bleue
Mobile Lynn: Wren doing a Nuthatch impression 850_8155.jpg
Thomas Retterath: Spread your wings
Wim van de Meerendonk, loving nature: Aerial Mill of the Polder Westbroek
jsnchezyage: Calamón común (Porphyrio porphyrio)
Gorgeousgrandma: For Those Who Dare There is Magic Here
António Guerra: Codorniz / Codorniz común / Common quail
klaus.huppertz: frog mating season
hotte54: Wiedehopf (Hoopoe)
Luna y Valencia: Atardecer espumado
etiennebiarneix: Araignée du matin...
M Coopwood: Blast Off!
island deborah- New Book "Song of the Sparrow" vig: migration has commenced in our area and the yellow legs are back... this one was let behind by the group so had to catch up in style...