octopuzz: shy dog
octopuzz: tomcat
octopuzz: Max - our "Prince Charming" ;-)
octopuzz: I can see everything !
octopuzz: sleeping
octopuzz: a little bit tired
octopuzz: like a snowflake
octopuzz: sweet cat
octopuzz: somnolant
octopuzz: Mount Etna
octopuzz: Etna
octopuzz: summer memories
octopuzz: Giardini Naxos beach
octopuzz: Korçë
octopuzz: street in Korçë
octopuzz: women in Korçë
octopuzz: a stray cat at the window
octopuzz: hungry
octopuzz: it's cold outside....
octopuzz: windy weather at the sea
octopuzz: in Ustronie Morskie
octopuzz: inside Saint Mary's Maternity Church
octopuzz: stairs
octopuzz: the organ
octopuzz: Poulnabrone dolmen
octopuzz: Burren
octopuzz: water playground
octopuzz: in Vodice
octopuzz: Vodice marina
octopuzz: I like it