octopuzz: with a naughty look...
octopuzz: goats
octopuzz: goat
octopuzz: Moscow - Red Square taken in 1972
octopuzz: Frombork
octopuzz: cathedral tower in Frombork
octopuzz: Gdansk
octopuzz: my name is Max
octopuzz: two women & a dog
octopuzz: little white dog
octopuzz: a charming smile
octopuzz: exotic shorthair cat
octopuzz: old and hungry tomcat
octopuzz: bunker "Granit 1" in formerly soviet airbase
octopuzz: farewell memorial of the soviet army in airbase Grossenhain
octopuzz: the townhall tower is under restoration
octopuzz: the girl with a little kitten
octopuzz: afterglow
octopuzz: Chersonesus Taurica
octopuzz: columns of Chersonesus Taurica
octopuzz: bathing fun
octopuzz: Saint Vladimir Cathedral
octopuzz: old and new buildings in Balaklava
octopuzz: Chersonesus
octopuzz: greek remains
octopuzz: Sarandë
octopuzz: Sarandë marina
octopuzz: Sarandë by night
octopuzz: Sarandë
octopuzz: view to Corfu island