octopuzz: waiting at the entrance
octopuzz: windows of Hotel Mozart
octopuzz: Odessa has many magnificent town houses
octopuzz: St. Paul in Odessa
octopuzz: inside St. Paul
octopuzz: Opera House in Odessa
octopuzz: Opera House
octopuzz: Archaeological Museum Odessa
octopuzz: statue
octopuzz: Laokoon Statue
octopuzz: looking through the window
octopuzz: on the lurk
octopuzz: should I be brushed?
octopuzz: magnificent old houses
octopuzz: old window
octopuzz: the charm of decay
octopuzz: Museum
octopuzz: grapes at the window
octopuzz: magnificent Art Nouveau facade
octopuzz: building in Odessa
octopuzz: Gogol street in Odessa
octopuzz: inner courtyard
octopuzz: house of the titans
octopuzz: port of Odessa
octopuzz: port
octopuzz: Vorontsov's palace in Odessa
octopuzz: fountain
octopuzz: columns
octopuzz: in Odessa
octopuzz: street in Odessa