octopuzz: Monreale
octopuzz: in cloister of Monreale
octopuzz: Madonna in sandstone
octopuzz: column capital
octopuzz: view through an archway
octopuzz: cute cat
octopuzz: siesta in the grass
octopuzz: Mimi
octopuzz: vampyre ?
octopuzz: the old white lady
octopuzz: who can resist such a look?
octopuzz: elderflower
octopuzz: clouds over Rock of Cashel
octopuzz: obelisk
octopuzz: a donkey
octopuzz: fountain
octopuzz: hotel Finnstown House in Dublin
octopuzz: buildings of the Rock of Cashel
octopuzz: inside a building on Rock of Cashel
octopuzz: care of the animals in the pasture
octopuzz: a creek
octopuzz: Muckross Abbey
octopuzz: ruins of Muckross Abbey
octopuzz: a lighthouse
octopuzz: river Shannon
octopuzz: a mouse
octopuzz: seagull
octopuzz: flowers
octopuzz: old walls
octopuzz: Quin friary