bdthrallphoto: Tucked in and staying home
bdthrallphoto: Sandhill Crane Sunset
bdthrallphoto: A Road worth traveling
bdthrallphoto: Spring in the Sonora
bdthrallphoto: Brown Pelican
bdthrallphoto: Wood Duck
bdthrallphoto: Dinner time
bdthrallphoto: Great Blue Heron
bdthrallphoto: Trumpeter Swans
bdthrallphoto: New Visitors
bdthrallphoto: Western Gulls
bdthrallphoto: Puget Sound Blue Hour
bdthrallphoto: Yaquina Head
bdthrallphoto: Oregon Coast
bdthrallphoto: Evening Light
bdthrallphoto: First Light
bdthrallphoto: Oregon Coast Sunset
bdthrallphoto: Columbia River
bdthrallphoto: Gray Skies
bdthrallphoto: Great Blue Heron
bdthrallphoto: Summer Storm
bdthrallphoto: Resting Flock
bdthrallphoto: Swans in fog
bdthrallphoto: Stretch
bdthrallphoto: Mule Deer
bdthrallphoto: Remnants of fall
bdthrallphoto: Incoming Tide
bdthrallphoto: Curious Weasel
bdthrallphoto: Puget Sound Pier