evakongshavn: Looking me in the eyes
evakongshavn: Colors are slowly getting there
evakongshavn: And then there was Love
evakongshavn: Barcelona Cathedral
evakongshavn: The star high up
evakongshavn: Excotic
evakongshavn: In the streets of Barcelona
evakongshavn: Checking the temperature in Barcelona ❤️
evakongshavn: Springflowers 😍
evakongshavn: Sunset expedition
evakongshavn: Brown in brown, can you see the bird
evakongshavn: My backyard
evakongshavn: So much beauty!
evakongshavn: Checking the area
evakongshavn: Cold fog crawling down the river
evakongshavn: Here he comes!
evakongshavn: And then this happened...
evakongshavn: Black-headed gull making trails in the water
evakongshavn: Goldeneyes
evakongshavn: Lovely signs
evakongshavn: Cliffs by the coast
evakongshavn: The cabin by the coastline
evakongshavn: The light
evakongshavn: A cutiepie
evakongshavn: Coming Through!
evakongshavn: Crows gathering in the evening is in Explore ❤️
evakongshavn: "Hi you, it's a one-way street!!"
evakongshavn: Fascinating double street lights
evakongshavn: Picnic table is set!
evakongshavn: Three friends trotting along