Rob -Alexander: Surf Scoter male
Rob -Alexander: Surf Scoters 700 count just one quarter of group
Rob -Alexander: Bald Eagle on end of branch
Rob -Alexander: Bald Eagle flight to get more sticks
Rob -Alexander: Bald Eagle male at Ambleside across from playing fields
Rob -Alexander: Mallard Duck female fresh in breeding plumage
Rob -Alexander: Red Shafted Northern Flicker looks like a Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker Intergrade
Rob -Alexander: Wood Duck Male loves me
Rob -Alexander: Golden-crowned Sparrow nearly adult
Rob -Alexander: Wood Duck female beauty
Rob -Alexander: Wood Duck male among droplets
Rob -Alexander: Ring-necked Duck eclipse male
Rob -Alexander: Canvasback Duck male
Rob -Alexander: Owl Halloween Bat1
Rob -Alexander: My Pet Blob Monster
Rob -Alexander: California Gull hybrid with Glaucous -winged Gull
Rob -Alexander: Northwestern Crow because American Crows don't look like this
Rob -Alexander: Black-capped Chickadee on tree trunk
Rob -Alexander: Short-billed Gull Crab in mouth
Rob -Alexander: Wood Duck female resting on rock
Rob -Alexander: Half Black Bumblebee feeding on nectar
Rob -Alexander: Nearly Full Moon
Rob -Alexander: Spotted Towhee sharp
Rob -Alexander: Smiling Autumn Meadowhawk distant
Rob -Alexander: Spotted Towhee pretty
Rob -Alexander: Song Sparrow broke it's bill
Rob -Alexander: Song Sparrow beauty
Rob -Alexander: Western Tiger Beetle side view
Rob -Alexander: Black-capped Chickadee on ledge
Rob -Alexander: Horned Grebe beauty eye