nickant44: Duck!
nickant44: Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
nickant44: Cheeky Rosella
nickant44: Stay or go?
nickant44: Bedford truck in Burra SA
nickant44: Bee for Borage (Explore - January 2021)
nickant44: 2021 - The Year of DIY continues
nickant44: Hand drill and bit
nickant44: Zenit 12XP + Helios 58mm 44M-4 c1986
nickant44: Vintage Bench Grinder and Drill Press
nickant44: Will it fit?
nickant44: skinny old cabinet
nickant44: Hand drill and bit
nickant44: Dell G5 5590 - Linux Mint Cinnamon 20
nickant44: 2021 - the year of DIY
nickant44: Jones Sewing Machine
nickant44: Southern Cross Engine
nickant44: Jazz hands - and head
nickant44: And then there were none
nickant44: Rusteer
nickant44: My Hero!
nickant44: Relaxed T Rex
nickant44: A good boy's Christmas present
nickant44: Buggered Bug
nickant44: Jupiter (+ 3 moons) and Saturn
nickant44: Minolta Hi-Matic 7s
nickant44: try not to lose your head over things
nickant44: like looking in a mirror...
nickant44: Riverboat Gambler
nickant44: Festive Horse