neil.gilmour: Oak tree coming awake
neil.gilmour: Cardinal in flight
neil.gilmour: Steel bars are not enough
neil.gilmour: Pink flowers and hosta leaves
neil.gilmour: Tulips in bloom
neil.gilmour: Mrs. Pig and her piglets
neil.gilmour: East Branch Indian Creek on a spring day - Explored
neil.gilmour: Falling petals signal start of grilling season
neil.gilmour: White cat with blue "wings"
neil.gilmour: Japanese maple leaves - late afternoon sun shining through the leaves
neil.gilmour: Yellow twig dogwoood in fall colors
neil.gilmour: Marble sculpture of nearly naked woman draped in a sheer cloth.
neil.gilmour: Triptych of "Adoration of St. Joan of Arc" rendered in pyrography by J. William Fosdick , 1896
neil.gilmour: Looking for the eclipse
neil.gilmour: Looking through the clouds to the eclipse.
neil.gilmour: Tiny maple "helicopter" seeds
neil.gilmour: View from bathroom through the plantation shutter
neil.gilmour: The smile of the Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland) or the Solar eclipse burning through the thin cloudcover.
neil.gilmour: Solar eclipse approaching its maximum as viewed in my backyard.
neil.gilmour: A beautiful cherry tree, truly a harbinger of spring!
neil.gilmour: Magnolia blossoms up close
neil.gilmour: Brick House sculpture by Simone Leigh
neil.gilmour: Architecture grad students erecting an exhibit of their work
neil.gilmour: Tampa Bay viewed from the Bayport Waterfront Suites.
neil.gilmour: GIant pink flamingo
neil.gilmour: The Philly Phantic loves the team's fans!
neil.gilmour: Cloud ejecting into the sky from a chimney
neil.gilmour: Rising sun peeking between two homes
neil.gilmour: Morning sun illuminating the cherry blossoms
neil.gilmour: Mural celebtating the Penn Valley community.