thrimby2002: Incoming tide.
thrimby2002: Blue on the coast.
Tracks Revisited: Former NCB Philadelphia 0-6-0 tank No 58 departs Derwenthaugh Yard Swalwell Tyneside
thrimby2002: A windy day on the coast.
thrimby2002: What a drag.
terry.eyres: 37114+37042 Aberystwyth
terry.eyres: 37042+37114 Glandyfi
thrimby2002: Newton Abbot semaphores (1).
thrimby2002: Newton Abbot semaphores (2).
thrimby2002: Newton Abbot semaphores (3).
53A Models: 10/05/1980 - York.
Nic Joynson: Peak performance in the land of the diesel-hydraulics
Joan&Bobs: Dramatic Manor.
loose_grip_99: Southall West London 28th February 2018
thrimby2002: Alongside the sea.
thrimby2002: After passing Conwy.
Yorkshire Rail: The Changing Face of Kellingley
thrimby2002: Converted Scot.
Nic Joynson: Gleaming railtour class 33 on the clay
Tony.Woof: 60009 Perth 080990 img3276-0990mac-a
Tony.Woof: 59205 Calder Bridge Jn 270496 img2369-0296mf-a
thrimby2002: Beauty and the beasts.
thrimby2002: Midland elegance.
channel packet: Saharan Camp Site
briandean2: 47215 Near Somerton. 07/10/1986.
Nic Joynson: Great West End Boys
Tracks Revisited: 70013 near Southwaite 15th August 2011
geoff7918: 40065 at York (gbw,74/40/22)
Kingmoor Klickr: A Coat of Many Colours
Kingmoor Klickr: 25072 at Crewe