ndnwithaleica: 221. Do Not Enter.
ndnwithaleica: Grinch with wreath and three candy canes.
ndnwithaleica: Thobors.
ndnwithaleica: Self portrait-ish.
ndnwithaleica: Airedale and Scooter.
ndnwithaleica: Ravine bridge.
ndnwithaleica: We are dogs. Not bikes.
ndnwithaleica: Village Health
ndnwithaleica: The long Fall of 2020: early November, a pandemic, and winter seems far away.
ndnwithaleica: Big and small.
ndnwithaleica: Mid town, late afternoon in November.
ndnwithaleica: X-ing near FarmBoy.
ndnwithaleica: Pinwheel lighting, overcast day.
ndnwithaleica: Beachwood tree in the cemetery.
ndnwithaleica: Mt. Pleasant and sky.
ndnwithaleica: Tower with bird.
ndnwithaleica: Carving the pumpkin
ndnwithaleica: Watching.
ndnwithaleica: Vespa in shadow.
ndnwithaleica: Shadow on Muskoka chairs.
ndnwithaleica: Flex me. Flex you!
ndnwithaleica: Up in the sky.
ndnwithaleica: Mt Pleasant on the last warm day, and the pandemic rages on.
ndnwithaleica: Lilipath Lanes
ndnwithaleica: End of the season, but still in bloom.
ndnwithaleica: Grass in the cemetery.
ndnwithaleica: Sky bridge.
ndnwithaleica: View from the road.
ndnwithaleica: A quiet dignity.
ndnwithaleica: Carousel 2