Brendinni: Good morning moon. 🌗 Good morning Osprey. 😍
Brendinni: Who reads signs anyways?
Brendinni: The four Elements
Brendinni: Saturday Night's reflections.
Brendinni: Reflection of an early winter.
Brendinni: Framed by Nature
Brendinni: Sunrise beach
Brendinni: Mesmerization
Brendinni: Salt and Pepper.
Brendinni: Within the eyes, I reflect.
Brendinni: Looking back at home.
Brendinni: Rust in Peace
Brendinni: Be different.
Brendinni: Black Friday returns.
Brendinni: Textbook PNW fall day
Brendinni: Buck Moon on point.
Brendinni: Third times the charm.
Brendinni: Moisture laden burn.
Brendinni: Just glimpse...
Brendinni: Got a new haircut... It's a little fluffy.
Brendinni: He loves me... He loves me not.
Brendinni: Female Northern Harrier
Brendinni: Avalanche of Snow Geese
Brendinni: A photographer's silhouette.
Brendinni: Living on the edge.
Brendinni: The Shorty flashes the W upon landing
Brendinni: Snap, Crackle and Pop!
Brendinni: Just checking whoo out...
Brendinni: Mystertrees.
Brendinni: Fogalicious.