muphloon: lil’fella gettng a lot of attention these days
muphloon: after this years 1st lake swim..
muphloon: cat in japan?.....nope ...a dog.
muphloon: watchdog
muphloon: yeah, whatta beauty..i just love it:) the last one
muphloon: dom sv.martina @bratislava
muphloon: bratislava castle and cityscape at sunrise
muphloon: will ya walk me?
muphloon: throoOOOOow iiiiit!
muphloon: couch surfing and shoulder surfing
muphloon: scooter cruising
muphloon: warm fuzzy feelings...he haz dem
muphloon: human lemme in or i make stains on your window
muphloon: i take the 1st watch
muphloon: karloveske rameno
muphloon: day 1
muphloon: #brownie
muphloon: pipo
muphloon: my boy teo... a dog looking like a cat, with a shadow of batman, acting like a lizard...enjoying sunset warmth
muphloon: #allthingsorange
muphloon: lake at velky biel [svk]
muphloon: (do)trakovice
muphloon: newly discovered girlie optimism...comes with sun, apparently
muphloon: #allthigsbrown
muphloon: Devin castle [svk].....after losing mavic pro 2 weeks ago im ubersensitive;)...first high wind warning and i went down immediately :)
muphloon: RICOH GR II...go and make happy your next owner
muphloon: ...and on way back a true sunny side up
muphloon: somewhere around ziar nad hronom