philippe*: lockdown stories
philippe*: Ingrid, Paris 1983
philippe*: hair, 1983
philippe*: bouquet
philippe*: breakfast
philippe*: tropical garden
philippe*: Christmas 2009 in New York
philippe*: For Owen...
philippe*: desk
philippe*: chat
philippe*: Pacific Sands Motel
philippe*: Roy's motel 2010
philippe*: Paris 1983
philippe*: from the garden
philippe*: expired landscape
philippe*: still life
philippe*: mask
philippe*: The great escape
philippe*: polas and cat
philippe*: view from porch
philippe*: bedroom
philippe*: Rainbow Cafe, Chinatown, NY 2009
philippe*: Fails
philippe*: polas & coffee
philippe*: pola & coffee
philippe*: self 66
philippe*: Jack
philippe*: Holly at work
philippe*: Pontiac, Virginia City
philippe*: The barber shop, Virginia City