mpmark: How I remember it, gorgeous evening to witness.
mpmark: Vertically Challenged
mpmark: Twist and Turn
mpmark: Someone had a bad day
mpmark: Dolce & Gabbana
mpmark: 🔥 Backlit flight
mpmark: Childs play
mpmark: Killdeer
mpmark: reflections
mpmark: Someone's happy! Great Blue Haron
mpmark: Great Blue Heron
mpmark: man baby
mpmark: So wtf’s down there? baby cygnet mute swan.
mpmark: Deflating Blue Bells Bokeh
mpmark: Light is everything, White-rumped Sandpiper backlit against the late evening sun
mpmark: White-breasted Nuthatch
mpmark: What am I missing here? Red winged black bird chasing away a Heron.
mpmark: His Tern for lunch
mpmark: Oakville
mpmark: Entering the dark side
mpmark: Vast Masts
mpmark: Break Time
mpmark: Red Tailed Hawk
mpmark: two lane highway
mpmark: Disco sidewalk
mpmark: Turkey Vulture
mpmark: flash moment
mpmark: Constructive View
mpmark: Spring leaf
mpmark: Double edge, Chickadee