Monty4401: 159.500 Peg Shadow. 28/7/19. Ref IMG_6D7172W
Monty4401: IMG_6D7128W
Monty4401: IMG_6D7126W
Monty4401: IMG_6D7123W
Monty4401: 4 Car F1 set at Toongabbie. 21/7/19. Ref IMG_6D7097W
Monty4401: 2 Generations. 21/7/19. Ref IMG_6D7080W
Monty4401: F1 and S28 at Toongabbie. 21/7/19. Ref IMG_6D7065W
Monty4401: 4 Car M Set at Toongabbie. 21/7/09. Ref IMG_6D7044W
Monty4401: Yellow face. 21/7/19. Ref IMG_6D7038W
Monty4401: Lithgow bound. 2/6/19. Ref IMG_6D6593W
Monty4401: Penrith Bound. 2/6/19. Ref IMG_6D6589W
Monty4401: Alco's at Toongabie. 12/5/19. Ref IMG_6D6545W
Monty4401: 8136N at Orange East Fork. 2/3/19. Ref IMG_6D6118W
Monty4401: Windows and Weeds. 2/2/19. Ref IMG_6D6103W
Monty4401: Lights camera action. 2/2/19. Ref IMG_6D6098W
Monty4401: Old Stomping Grounds with a new lease of life. 2/2/19. Ref IMG_6D6023W
Monty4401: Rest Time at Manildra. 2/2/19. Ref IMG_6D6006W
Monty4401: Under the Wires. 12/1/19. Ref IMG_6D5978W2
Monty4401: Blue Suede Express. 10/1/19. Ref IMG_6D5954W
Monty4401: Powering into Spring Hill. 10/1/19. Ref IMG_6D5946W
Monty4401: Elvis Express. 10/1/19. Ref IMG_6D5936W
Monty4401: Some call it Mud and some call it Ore. 27/12/18. Ref IMG_6D5914W
Monty4401: Full Tanks. 27/12/18. Ref IMG_6D5891W
Monty4401: 6AB6 at Goobang. 16/12/18. Ref IMG_6D5766W
Monty4401: Not Needed. 16/12/18. Ref IMG_6D5739W
Monty4401: Taking a breather at Goobang Junction. 16/12/18. Ref IMG_6D5737W
Monty4401: Bright Alco. 16/12/18. Ref IMG_6D5734W
Monty4401: Empty Cross. 16/12/18. Ref IMG_6D5714W
Monty4401: A busy Yard. 16/12/18. Ref IMG_6D5670W
Monty4401: Empty SSR Grain. 16/12/18. Ref IMG_6D5658W