monojussi: Meeting with powers that be
monojussi: Blue Velvet
monojussi: On a clear day you can escalate forever
monojussi: Nordic Moiré
monojussi: Pheasantly surprised
monojussi: Andre did it again...
monojussi: Golden apple of the sun
monojussi: Into that good night
monojussi: The not-so-sustainable present
monojussi: Time stands still before me
monojussi: April is the cruelest month
monojussi: La Nuit Américaine
monojussi: Dream on
monojussi: Blue and Gold
monojussi: The Flight of the Ridibundus
monojussi: Walk this way
monojussi: Good Friday
monojussi: Research Ship Aranda
monojussi: Spring Calm
monojussi: Adoration of the Empty Seat
monojussi: Cranes on water
monojussi: Bryant Park
monojussi: Windows of Opportunity
monojussi: If there is a scheme, perhaps this too is in the scheme
monojussi: Balconing
monojussi: Highline Fragments
monojussi: Edward Munch's The Scream as seen in a salt and pepper shaker.
monojussi: Holy Cantilevered Calatrava!
monojussi: Vesseling at Hudson Yards...
monojussi: Friday Night Lights