ireniclife: IMG_5430
ireniclife: Tai Chi in the park
ireniclife: floored
ireniclife: Horse Chestnut shadows
ireniclife: IMG_5348a
ireniclife: Dragonfly or Damselfly?
ireniclife: Human pod
ireniclife: IMG_5327
ireniclife: IMG_5336
ireniclife: Sweeping up
ireniclife: Trees - monochrome
ireniclife: Skeleton trees
ireniclife: Two's company, three's......
ireniclife: Well they can be a bit scary
ireniclife: IMG_5138
ireniclife: IMG_5155
ireniclife: IMG_5153
ireniclife: Verdant Warwickshire
ireniclife: White tailed Bumble Bee
ireniclife: Hover Fly - Syrphus Ribesii
ireniclife: feather
ireniclife: A quiet spot
ireniclife: IMG_5084
ireniclife: Teazel challenge
ireniclife: On the right track
ireniclife: IMG_5005
ireniclife: IMG_4995a
ireniclife: IMG_4978
ireniclife: Sliced white loaves
ireniclife: 'who would live in a house like this? '