Morning Observer: Not Walking. Waiting
noitsawasp: photo 7382
americaisdead: los angeles.
americaisdead: seligman, arizona.
ashlibean: Hello?
Tina Sosna: frozen veins
Tina Sosna: Where the tree starts to grow
Tina Sosna: Golden secrets
Tina Sosna: Everything disappears in foam
Tina Sosna: postcards from far away
Tina Sosna: We enter the forest of flowers, right beside the river where a boat takes us to the other bank. I see marks from my sandals on my feet already. The sun is stronger this year. And so are we.
Tina Sosna: Things are changing and seasons too
Tina Sosna: A tiny hand in the shade of Summer
Tina Sosna: Where we belong
Rick Del Carmen: Meant To Be
My Creative Adventures: Going for a Chip Butty
rirififi83: Le haut de la rampe II
bluresque: flying blind ...
Denis Cauchoix: Dessin animé ..
Tina Sosna: I am a wanderer, here I may fade away
Scrufftie: Phone Boxes
mlee511: March
Thomas Hawk: Lou Taubert's