Mr.LeeCP: Big Gun
Mr.LeeCP: Diorama of the Plains Indians
Mr.LeeCP: Western Style Coat and Guns
Mr.LeeCP: Buffalo Bill Reservoir
Mr.LeeCP: Buffalo Bill Dam
Mr.LeeCP: Brick Buildings
Mr.LeeCP: The Trees Apart
Mr.LeeCP: Wyoming Landscape
Mr.LeeCP: Mountain Goats
Mr.LeeCP: A Bird in the Tree
Mr.LeeCP: A Curve in the River
Mr.LeeCP: Reflected Sky
Mr.LeeCP: Looking Across
Mr.LeeCP: Tucked Away
Mr.LeeCP: The Long View
Mr.LeeCP: Getting the Best Shot
Mr.LeeCP: Tree of Many Colors
Mr.LeeCP: Japanese Style Service Entrance
Mr.LeeCP: Layers of Color
Mr.LeeCP: Japanese Art
Mr.LeeCP: Multicolored
Mr.LeeCP: Resting Place
Mr.LeeCP: Garden Entrance
Mr.LeeCP: Bison Walking
Mr.LeeCP: Resting Female Elk
Mr.LeeCP: After the Rain
Mr.LeeCP: Autumn Tree Tops
Mr.LeeCP: Watching the Fisherman
Mr.LeeCP: What Big Antlers You Have
Mr.LeeCP: Elk at Sunset