mmichalec: Stairs in the park
mmichalec: Flight
mmichalec: Autumn
mmichalec: After the rain
mmichalec: In the container
mmichalec: Evening beach
mmichalec: Sorbus
mmichalec: Log on the beach
mmichalec: Oliwa at night
mmichalec: Matemblewo
mmichalec: Gdynia Babie Doły
mmichalec: Sea Towers
mmichalec: Coast of reflections
mmichalec: Between clouds and sea
mmichalec: Sunrise
mmichalec: Train in Gdynia
mmichalec: Windy
mmichalec: Sunset
mmichalec: Flowers
mmichalec: Sand, sand
mmichalec: Pistil
mmichalec: Góra Gradowa: Cross
mmichalec: Wooden
mmichalec: Contemporary Art
mmichalec: Seagull
mmichalec: The play of lights
mmichalec: Yellow flowers
mmichalec: Next to a pond
mmichalec: End of the summer
mmichalec: The flag