Daulphin: Nap time. Playing with the iPhone 6 camera.
Daulphin: You don't see me, I'm sneaking up on my sister!
Daulphin: Nice warm computer, purrrrr
Daulphin: You don't see me...
Daulphin: Hiding under the pillow ready to pounce!
Daulphin: Uh oh, she saw me before I could pounce!
Daulphin: Ok, If she won't play, I guess we'll nap.
Daulphin: Kittens on the EL
Daulphin: 2015-07-17 12-24-53 New kittens
Daulphin: The first anniversary of the Windsor decision is today. Yesterday was the 45th anniversary of Stonewall. Thanks to all who made this possible! #windsor #stonewall
Daulphin: Our Wedding
Daulphin: Dinner time!
Daulphin: Cliff swallow baby.
Daulphin: Quail
Daulphin: Colors of the Day
Daulphin: 2013-06-09 Stellar Jay at Ravenscry Studio
Daulphin: Landing
Daulphin: Spring in NorCal-Van Damme State Park 2012-04-21 16-19-52
Daulphin: Drive home
Daulphin: From The Bay View Cafe
Daulphin: February in NorCal
Daulphin: Turkey Tail Fungi
Daulphin: Nosillacast Banner
Daulphin: Barry Fulk
Daulphin: Julie Kuehl
Daulphin: Tim Robertson at the Nosillacastaways party.
Daulphin: Rod Rodenberry
Daulphin: Game on
Daulphin: Kirschen and Allison on Google Hangout
Daulphin: Steve Sheridan