mistermacrophotos: Waves, sand and a couple of long shadows
mistermacrophotos: Tannisbugten by Tversted looking towards the northern tip of Denmark
mistermacrophotos: Christmas tree farm from the air
mistermacrophotos: Christmas tree farm from the air
mistermacrophotos: Droneshot of Klostermølle by Skanderborg, Denmark.
mistermacrophotos: Droneshot looking north of Klostermølle, Skanderborg, Denmark
mistermacrophotos: No Power, No Problem, Jordan
mistermacrophotos: Epic Night Sky
mistermacrophotos: Tree lined path at dusk with very long shadows
mistermacrophotos: Fields by Eriksholm Castle, Denmark
mistermacrophotos: Nivå Fields
mistermacrophotos: Husein Thermal Power Station, Jordan
mistermacrophotos: Snow Tundra Reindeers
mistermacrophotos: Valdresflye plateau, Norway
mistermacrophotos: Reindeers cooling down, Jotunheimen, Norway
mistermacrophotos: Reindeer, Jotunheimen, Norway
mistermacrophotos: Tracks and Field
mistermacrophotos: Polar Bear Cub nursing
mistermacrophotos: Hamadryas Baboon at the Copenhagen Zoo
mistermacrophotos: Giant Panda and Bamboo
mistermacrophotos: Polar Bear and Cub ( Look between her paws )
mistermacrophotos: Sloping Roof
mistermacrophotos: Good God Rays
mistermacrophotos: Field, marsh and trees from above
mistermacrophotos: Windy path, trees and thousands of dandelions
mistermacrophotos: Stranded Kraken, Møns Klint, Denmark
mistermacrophotos: The Queens Chair, Møns Klint, Denmark