jeffclouet: The shadows of the Philharmonie
goodcryst: DS7_0051
goodcryst: DS7_0085
Anne J ~ poetic photography: ~Looking at a sunset, just for a second you forget your separateness: YOU ARE the SUNSET ☀️
Anne J ~ poetic photography: Song of SUNSET... ☀️🎶
latentsifier: Notwithstanding
mashkurmuhamad: loneliness
Photolover03: The Danube River!
Simo-Nella: Correre in piena libertà da zia
Simo-Nella: Tramonto dalle saline, Marsala
adric1010: on holidays for two month
adric1010: before the trip
adric1010: Pamukkale travertenes
adric1010: Pamukkale
adric1010: Kusadasi
Noel F.: Augasantas
Noel F.: Abstract #3722
Noel F.: Val do Ulla
Sebastian Pier Filip: Super Takumar 50/1.4 on Canon 5D
mluisa_: riflettori verso il cielo
mluisa_: uno sguardo dall'alto
Mister Blur: Église
xeniussonar: Mediterranean clouds
nigel_xf: Sunrise and morning mist ... Bavarian Forrest.