michaelvines: Moonrise Over Dry Fork
michaelvines: High-Rise Shack
michaelvines: Winter Farmland
michaelvines: Winter Farm
michaelvines: Country Road
michaelvines: Cloudy Meadow
michaelvines: Willow Pond
michaelvines: Winter Farm Yard
michaelvines: Early Morning Barn
michaelvines: Storm Over Winter Meadow
michaelvines: Prairie and Sky
michaelvines: Farm Barn in Autumn
michaelvines: Big Sur c.1979
michaelvines: Big Sur c.1979
michaelvines: Stump and Tree
michaelvines: Metal and Paper
michaelvines: Fall in the South
michaelvines: Thistle and Wheat
michaelvines: Rural Early Morning
michaelvines: Cornfield and Clouds
michaelvines: Early Morning in Dryfork
michaelvines: Barn and Corn Field
michaelvines: Early Morning Soybean Farm
michaelvines: Tobacco Barn
michaelvines: Barn and Clouds
michaelvines: Roadside Cemetery
michaelvines: Rainy Morning
michaelvines: Pasture Clouds
michaelvines: Barren River Lake