mikederrico69: The Hybrid Flower
mikederrico69: The Splash
mikederrico69: Coastal Town
mikederrico69: Country Road - São Miguel Island, Portugal
mikederrico69: Blue Twins
mikederrico69: Floral Mountain Road
mikederrico69: Sunset's Beacon - Faro, Portugal
mikederrico69: Invading Vines
mikederrico69: Praia da Rocha - Algarve, Portugal
mikederrico69: Morning Oceanside - Azores
mikederrico69: Lighthouse Party Boat
mikederrico69: The Lizard
mikederrico69: Banana Spider
mikederrico69: Where's My Wallet ?
mikederrico69: Renaissance City
mikederrico69: Big Boat
mikederrico69: Bird Feeding
mikederrico69: Boat Of Tranquility
mikederrico69: The Beach Race
mikederrico69: Nature's Statement
mikederrico69: Fishing At Sunset
mikederrico69: Coastal Seagulls
mikederrico69: Busy Beach
mikederrico69: From Paris With Love
mikederrico69: Midday Stroll
mikederrico69: The Return Of Godzilla !
mikederrico69: Corner Cafe