mikedaub30: Morning dew
mikedaub30: Rough going
mikedaub30: Ammonoosuc River
mikedaub30: Mount Washington Hotel
mikedaub30: Winter Wonderland
mikedaub30: Crawford Path heading south
mikedaub30: Frozen Lake Skiing
mikedaub30: Ocean front living
mikedaub30: Provence Pond Shelter
mikedaub30: Paddling at sunset
mikedaub30: Fuchsia
mikedaub30: Who could say no to either of them?
mikedaub30: Cinnamon rolls
mikedaub30: Snowshoes at Rest
mikedaub30: Black Capped Chickadee
mikedaub30: That's my seed!
mikedaub30: Warming the house on a cold winter day
mikedaub30: Ring-Billed Gull
mikedaub30: Biddeford Pool, Maine
mikedaub30: Goose Rocks Beach
mikedaub30: Fog over snow fields
mikedaub30: Typewriter
mikedaub30: Sleepy Pup
mikedaub30: Mt Washington
mikedaub30: Early riser
mikedaub30: Frosty
mikedaub30: Crawford Path in all its glory
mikedaub30: Wait for me guys!
mikedaub30: Always watching
mikedaub30: Grandpa and his first grand son