21mickrange: Owl and Talon Canyon
21mickrange: Forces of Nature
21mickrange: Little Qualicum Falls
21mickrange: Inside the Gorge
21mickrange: Little Qualicum River
21mickrange: Inside the Gorge
21mickrange: I Look Good
21mickrange: Like a Million Bucks
21mickrange: Harbour Seal
21mickrange: On His Way
21mickrange: A Carpet of Leaves
21mickrange: An Autumn Path
21mickrange: Stairs
21mickrange: Leading the Way
21mickrange: China Beach
21mickrange: Hiking the Sands
21mickrange: Rocky Foreshore
21mickrange: Scaly Chanterelle
21mickrange: Cliffside Alley
21mickrange: Rambling
21mickrange: Sharp Cleft
21mickrange: Arrowsmith in the Clouds
21mickrange: Arrowsmith Arrives...
21mickrange: Looking Down Toward CPR Trail
21mickrange: Will They Clear Away?
21mickrange: Thistle
21mickrange: Approaching the Saddle
21mickrange: Fringed Grass of Parnassus
21mickrange: Fearless Canine Leader!
21mickrange: After the Rains