mhoffman1: Guarding the Coast
mhoffman1: Fort Hancock Historic Post
mhoffman1: Sunset on Sandy Hook Bay
mhoffman1: Sun-Kissed
mhoffman1: Hiking the Mary Jemison Trail
mhoffman1: Gambol II
mhoffman1: Genesee River
mhoffman1: Cascade Pool
mhoffman1: Quiet Dawn
mhoffman1: Shofuso - Japanses House and Garden
mhoffman1: Autumn in New York
mhoffman1: Watkins Glen
mhoffman1: Autumn Along the Genesee
mhoffman1: First Light
mhoffman1: Moon sets behind The Walt
mhoffman1: Cascades at Watkins Glen
mhoffman1: Letchworth State Park
mhoffman1: Wolf Creek
mhoffman1: Lower Falls at Letchworth
mhoffman1: Middle Falls
mhoffman1: Milky Way over Letchworth
mhoffman1: Autumn in Letchworth
mhoffman1: Philly Lit for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
mhoffman1: B. Reynolds Falls
mhoffman1: New York City
mhoffman1: Jersey City Meets New York City
mhoffman1: Harvest Moonrise
mhoffman1: Isamu Noguchi's Bolt of Lightning
mhoffman1: Cherry Springs State Park Astronomer's Field
mhoffman1: New York on the Hudson