mhoffman1: Spring Point Ledge Light
mhoffman1: Yosemite Valley
mhoffman1: Portland Sunset
mhoffman1: Providence
mhoffman1: Portland Head Light
mhoffman1: Raleigh
mhoffman1: Perseid Meteor along Coastal Maine.
mhoffman1: Sunset on the Portland Harbor
mhoffman1: Nubble Light
mhoffman1: Liftin' Spirits gets Inflated
mhoffman1: Descending Moon
mhoffman1: Balloon Wrangler
mhoffman1: Tailwinds
mhoffman1: City of Brotherly Love
mhoffman1: Fire in the Hole
mhoffman1: David "The Bullet" Smith
mhoffman1: Alone in the Dark
mhoffman1: Comet NEOWISE over the wreck of the S. S. Atlantus
mhoffman1: Upper Falls
mhoffman1: Philly Abstraction VII
mhoffman1: Happy Independence Day!
mhoffman1: Blue Haze
mhoffman1: Waka Waka
mhoffman1: Vaulted Walkway
mhoffman1: Camden New Jersey Waterfront
mhoffman1: Battleship New Jersey
mhoffman1: Reflections of Ago
mhoffman1: Downtown Philadelphia
mhoffman1: Philly Pride