Memory_Emi: laid plans
Memory_Emi: breeze
Memory_Emi: benevelonce
Memory_Emi: another lifetime
Memory_Emi: hearth
Memory_Emi: faded
Memory_Emi: giants hands
Memory_Emi: misfits
Memory_Emi: brokeback
Memory_Emi: climbin
Memory_Emi: hats and that
Memory_Emi: altitudes
Memory_Emi: green toilets
Memory_Emi: pink or blue which ones for you?
Memory_Emi: private box
Memory_Emi: live well
Memory_Emi: same but different
Memory_Emi: couldn’t have wouldn’t have
Memory_Emi: altering
Memory_Emi: falling
Memory_Emi: splayed
Memory_Emi: sleepyhead
Memory_Emi: sunnyside up
Memory_Emi: ruined
Memory_Emi: cupboard was bare
Memory_Emi: astroturf
Memory_Emi: roofbottom
Memory_Emi: rocket man