ckavaliotis: Full Moon rising over the Temple of Apollo!!!!
ckavaliotis: An apple a day.... [In Explore 12/01/2021]
ckavaliotis: Itea & Delphi by night under the umbrella of the Milky Way...
ckavaliotis: Simplicity!!! Solitude in the Big Blue!!!
ckavaliotis: Bridge to the... galaxy!!! [In Explore 23/09/2020]
angelo.urracci: Arbatax 2
angelo.urracci: Costa occidentale Sardegna 7.
angelo.urracci: Garzetta in volo.
angelo.urracci: Pontile.
angelo.urracci: Capodanno 2021.
angelo.urracci: Torre Spagnola sella del diavolo.
alexandre.98fm: O Túnel
alexandre.98fm: A Garça
aelhphotoart: A Blanket Of Colours
aelhphotoart: Ice Illuminated
aelhphotoart: Boardwalk To A Turquoise Lake
aelhphotoart: Snowfall Sunrise
aelhphotoart: Lucid Gaze
Tigerhase.: Summer Milkyway
Tigerhase.: HighKey Grasses
Tigerhase.: HighKey Minimal Seascape
Tigerhase.: Reflecting Water Droplets Branches
Tigerhase.: Rose Greyscale
Tigerhase.: Sea Grass Pattern In B&W
Tigerhase.: Minimal Black Coot
Tigerhase.: Iced tulip
Tigerhase.: Monochrome Portrait of a Swan in Winter
cf771: No one there!