mediocre: New neighbours
mediocre: A cross the street
mediocre: Spylske huus (anno 1759)
mediocre: Boschplaat
mediocre: Koffiemolen
mediocre: Summer memories I
mediocre: Summer memories II
mediocre: Summer memories III
mediocre: Summer memories IIII
mediocre: Summer memories IIIII
mediocre: Malachite with tiny crystal geode
mediocre: Polished malchite/turquoise with some rude drawings
mediocre: Olivine peridotite
mediocre: Malachite/Azurite
mediocre: VAAR WEL
mediocre: ACAB & Fuck corona
mediocre: Minimalist scheep
mediocre: Oystercatchers skiving off
mediocre: 1930s kitchen
mediocre: 1940s living room
mediocre: 1950s living room
mediocre: 1960s living room
mediocre: 1970s dinner table
mediocre: 1980s teenage bedroom
mediocre: 1980s teenage bedroom
mediocre: 1920s kitchen
mediocre: 1970s living room
mediocre: 1970s living room (detail)