mediocre: Upper and Lower Solva
mediocre: Ford Road
mediocre: Lower Solva
mediocre: Pit stop
mediocre: Low tide in Porthgain
mediocre: Everything's ruined
mediocre: Bank Holiday in Newport Parrog
mediocre: Newport Castle
mediocre: Afon Nyfer
mediocre: Delft door
mediocre: Amsterdam traffic I
mediocre: Amsterdam traffic II
mediocre: Murmuration
mediocre: A spot to rest
mediocre: Tree outside my window
mediocre: Starlings getting ready for the night
mediocre: Purple gift wrap
mediocre: Wrapped lighthouse
mediocre: Prinsenhof
mediocre: Two works of Pieter de Hooch compared
mediocre: In a Delft alleyway
mediocre: Typical Delft scene
mediocre: Oude Kerk
mediocre: In this church was buried: Johannes Vermeer
mediocre: Narrow House in Oude Kerk Delft
mediocre: Dining room
mediocre: Bathroom
mediocre: Narrow House in Oude Kerk
mediocre: Side room
mediocre: Master bedroom