mediocre: Puffy
mediocre: 4 slugs and 400 flies
mediocre: Birth of a russula
mediocre: Purple and proud
mediocre: Tiny fungus
mediocre: Octopus stinkhorn
mediocre: Warted puffball
mediocre: Coral bank
mediocre: Low tide in Porthgain
mediocre: White markers
mediocre: The Faceless
mediocre: The Watcher
mediocre: The view from Carn Ogof
mediocre: I don't know what happened here, but I like it.
mediocre: Naked and afraid
mediocre: Trwyn Llwyd
mediocre: Trefin Mill
mediocre: Ffynnon Alwm
mediocre: (Shrugs)
mediocre: Sharp landscape
mediocre: Low tide in Newport Parrog
mediocre: Playing between the boats in the harbour
mediocre: High tide path
mediocre: Sure, everything is ending, but not yet.
mediocre: Patchwork cows
mediocre: Parasol and the sea
mediocre: Buddy system
mediocre: Pierhead Building
mediocre: Cardiff Central railway station
mediocre: The Blue Lagoon