MedicineMan4040: High stepping Buff
MedicineMan4040: IC433 The Jellyfish Nebula in HOO palette
MedicineMan4040: Cow Egret
MedicineMan4040: Buteo Outer Banks NC
MedicineMan4040: Remembering the Kites
MedicineMan4040: Jellyfish discovered in space
MedicineMan4040: Today is J day
MedicineMan4040: saved by topaz
MedicineMan4040: Down the road a mile
MedicineMan4040: The pair
MedicineMan4040: Skyborn velvet
MedicineMan4040: gloss woka
MedicineMan4040: The Cone Nebula and Christmas Cluster - Hubble pallet
MedicineMan4040: The backyard
MedicineMan4040: Operating end of a Miniature Schnauzer2
MedicineMan4040: Beam reach
MedicineMan4040: Brown times two
MedicineMan4040: Loki pushing the seasons a bit
MedicineMan4040: The Cone Nebula and Christmas Cluster
MedicineMan4040: Waca Stork
MedicineMan4040: Bird eat bird world
MedicineMan4040: Olympus lives on
MedicineMan4040: Hasta la vista green
MedicineMan4040: M78 The Casper Nebula