McMunich: Glitter and gold
McMunich: Time machine
McMunich: Born to be wild
McMunich: Break on through to the other side
McMunich: Magic carpet ride
McMunich: I can see for miles and miles
McMunich: Tin pan alley
McMunich: Time in a bottle
McMunich: Sultans of swing
McMunich: Once upon a time
McMunich: The sound of silence
McMunich: In the year 2525
McMunich: Morning dew
McMunich: Guess I was dreaming
McMunich: Superstition
McMunich: Going round in circles
McMunich: House of the rising sun
McMunich: 50.000 miles beneath my brain
McMunich: I put a spell on you
McMunich: Tangled up in blue
McMunich: Magic forest
McMunich: The fadeout line
McMunich: Dust in the wind
McMunich: Superfly
McMunich: High on emotion
McMunich: Writing on the wall
McMunich: Next exit Garden of Eden
McMunich: Scary waters
McMunich: A crack in time
McMunich: Waiting