Mauritius100: Flickr first - Ctenochaetus striatus - juvenile
Mauritius100: New to Flickr
Mauritius100: detail - soft coral(?)
Mauritius100: Babies 2 - and a true fishy tale
Mauritius100: Babies 1
Mauritius100: Mole cowrie - Talparia talpa
Mauritius100: World-wide citizen science experiment
Mauritius100: old friends - new generation
Mauritius100: three's a crowd
Mauritius100: wave on the reef
Mauritius100: a bug's life
Mauritius100: blue green chromis
Mauritius100: a stream
Mauritius100: eyestripe showing off
Mauritius100: the upside down snail in the milky way
Mauritius100: totality
Mauritius100: mars and the moon
Mauritius100: jupiter waiting for the moon
Mauritius100: White-banded triggerfish Rhinecanthus aculeatus
Mauritius100: seen from above - muddy waters
Mauritius100: -Oo or ......
Mauritius100: crescent moon, earthshine, venus, flying torch
Mauritius100: the invasion of the jellies?
Mauritius100: closer look at comb jelly
Mauritius100: mum and baby on the coconut tree
Mauritius100: wing span of baby mauritian tomb bat
Mauritius100: playtime - 1
Mauritius100: playtime 2
Mauritius100: Reef patrol
Mauritius100: Taenianotus triacanthus, Leaf scorpionfish