marylee.agnew: Farewell To Summer
marylee.agnew: The Deluge
marylee.agnew: Buckeye Beauty
marylee.agnew: Sleepy Fox
marylee.agnew: Rain Dance
marylee.agnew: Weathering The Storm
marylee.agnew: Deer Dance
marylee.agnew: Tangled Up In Tiger Lilies
marylee.agnew: Painted Lady On Bergamont
marylee.agnew: Prairie Girl
marylee.agnew: Deer Dreams
marylee.agnew: Subtle Beauty ( female red wing blackbird)
marylee.agnew: The Guardian
marylee.agnew: Magic Words
marylee.agnew: Columbine
marylee.agnew: Big Ears
marylee.agnew: Silent Spring
marylee.agnew: Kindness
marylee.agnew: My Mouth Is Bigger Than Yours
marylee.agnew: Mother Goose
marylee.agnew: Share The Earth
marylee.agnew: The Dreamer
marylee.agnew: Dark Days
marylee.agnew: Uncertainty
marylee.agnew: Dreams Of Spring
marylee.agnew: Impermanence
marylee.agnew: Rebirth