smithson2430: lost in the forest
smithson2430: Morning Glow
smithson2430: Rays in the mist
smithson2430: Morning Dalby mist and fog
smithson2430: Hidden in the dark
smithson2430: Mist and light
smithson2430: Dark wood
smithson2430: Morning light Pretty Wood
smithson2430: Dalby Forest Oak
smithson2430: Woodland floor
smithson2430: Bambrugh sunrise
smithson2430: Dalby Forest autumn leaves
smithson2430: Dalby Forest woodland
smithson2430: Dalby Forest woodland-2
smithson2430: Bamburgh Castle sunrise
smithson2430: Dalby Forest afternoon light
smithson2430: Dalby Forest_
smithson2430: Glencoe_
smithson2430: Glencoe_-9
smithson2430: Glencoe_-8
smithson2430: Glencoe_-7
smithson2430: Glencoe_-6
smithson2430: Glencoe_-5
smithson2430: Glencoe_-4
smithson2430: Glencoe_-3
smithson2430: Glencoe_-2
smithson2430: Glencoe Panorama
smithson2430: Glencoe sunrise
smithson2430: Staithes..Morning has broken
smithson2430: Cod and lobster pano