CameliaTWU: The Capitol of Rhode Island
Carl's Captures: Home of the Wave
mudder_bbc: In the Cherry Tree
jaci XIV: Meeting
myriorama: slime mold
Jackie XLY: Missed out on a dream
Jan Hoogendoorn: Common tern / Visdief
philipwhitcombe: Northern Mockingbird, Humber Bay Park, Toronto
CameliaTWU: The Grounds of Blenheim Palace
szeke: Rottnest, Australia
Wonderful Vietnam: Thai farmers collide on paddy field
Wonderful Vietnam: Farmer are planting rice in the rainy season
s0340248: DSC18703
orbius64: 45130
orbius64: 45133
wsy_hans: 許厝港
sharmsubbiah: Damson Plums
kahem54: Marguerite commune
Tabea-Jane: Old derelict house
Abubakr Saeed: Two tales, one city
HocusFocusClick: wing of a butterfly
valery_pokotylo: Living candle. China aster. Callistephus chinensis. Asteraceae.
Christian Hacker: Along the canal
CameliaTWU: The Blue Lagoon
T H Tan (A/C 1): Hidden corner
T H Tan (A/C2): Dim lights
T Temple-Pueblo Paradiso: Summer sunset sky "Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are." Saint Augustine
miltonpics: Hrafnabjargafoss