Glenn Birks: You've been framed. View from near Montgomery Castle, Powys, Mid Wales. Walk 213
marc50.: Fall Pond
Bob8!!!: Granja Viana, Cotia - SP
Hannah 0013: Pearl-spotted Owlet
Hannah 0013: African Elephant
Crystal Writer: White Duck at Park Lake 2016
Crystal Writer: Magnetic Poetry (tm)--Love's Promise with Decor
Rich Mayer Photography: RTHJuvie1 (2)Small
Rich Mayer Photography: SandhillTrifectaTwo (2)Smaller
niiicedave: Frosty looking fungus
niiicedave: The End of Summer is very Ektachrome 200
dave_telford: Killdeer San Joaquin Marsh
dave_telford: Willet's Point Mugu State Park
dave_telford: Marbled Godwit Point Mugu State Park
dave_telford: Song Sparrow Point Mugu State Park
Ana-Marija Veg: Two flower
lecgahannaphotos: Banded orb-weaving spider
lecgahannaphotos: Monarch butterfly caterpillar
Puzzler4879: Crimson and White
Puzzler4879: Orchid Closeup
photocheck2: Sunburst at the golden hour
DOUGBpix: DSC_0809
T Temple-Pueblo Paradiso: "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the desert air." Paul Hoffman
myriorama: datana
Ramola Paulrajan: The Big show off!
Sen@d: Looking for that perfect sunset..............
fereche50: _MG_6943_1